Avril Font is a hand-drawn display font with natural and modern feels. It’s a lively script typeface loosely inspired by a french sign painting advertising books from the fifties “La lettre dans la peinture et la publicité” from Jean Joveneaux. Avril is featuring expressive semi-connecting characters, stressed moments low contrast that mimics a dynamic handwriting. Its loopy curves that seem traced out an unbroken line make Avril a playful and distinctive typeface. Originally developed in one weight, Avril has grown into five styles from thin to bold. It was initially thought for display applications, but the lighter styles perform well for longer paragraphs whereas bolder weights will be ideal for headlines. And lastly, its name was chosen as a tribute to spring and its refreshing vibes. Avril is inviting you to a chill Saturday afternoon, ideally during an exciting travel. Welcome aboard!

Avril Font Family

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