Digital Sans Font is a modern geometric font Family from Tim Vanhille inspired by the visionary work of Paul Renner, Futura. This font family comes with 7 different weights and matching italics. From Thin to Heavy, designed to support a wide range of potential use from body text to headlines and/or logotype. Designed as a bridge between the 20’s and today, Digital Sans is deeply rooted in the geometric style, yet it is not a mere contemporary interpretation of this classic of typeface history. This font family questions geometric systems to define its own language. It comes with a whole different set of alternate glyphs to make Digital Sans a playful and flexible tool. It can switch from a neutral default set with diagonal cuts to another with vertical cuts and sharp angles. Certains letters also come with constructed alternates to give a singular look to any text layout. Digital Sans can be modulated to have different voices and infuse different mood in your designs. It will do wanders in any heavy type uses on screens and printed mediums alike.

Digital Sans Font Family

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