Engel New Font is a humanistic and versatile font family of 12 weights and an upgrade of the typeface Engel also published by Die Gestalten Verlag. The project began with an extension to the original Engel character set and freshening up the typeface to suit the OpenType format. EngelNewSerif came about as a sibling to EngelNewSans as a corresponding serif family also of 12 weights, matching those of EngelNewSans. Both families are designed for a wide usage in running text and headlines. EngelNewSans is an evolved version of the original Engel typeface, which undergone improvements to the individual letterforms and the overall look which resulted in this sans serif type family with a more mature confident character and with softer, rounder and more harmonious shapes. The characteristics between the two could perhaps, very fittingly, be compared to a person showing different sides to their personality at different stages in life. With EngelNewSans portraying the more mature role while the original Engel shows traits of a cool teenager with rough edges, not yet fully developed. To make the light weights function with serifs attached for EngelNewSerif, the same low stroke contrast as seen in EngelNewSans was applied. Further discovery found that the serifs and the stem width had to be optically similar for the light weights not to appear too fragile. In the heavy weights however, the stroke contrast was higher than in the Sans versions, this was done to open up the counters and make room for the serifs to breathe. The intention of the families is to motivate an element of play and give the designer a larger selection to work with.

Engel New Font Family

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