Odisseia Sans Serif Font is contemporary monospaced sans-serif typeface in 8 styles designed with simplicity of shapes and a humanist touch. We’ve ventured into monospace territory, where all letters must occupy the same amount of space. This style is usually associated with typewriters and computer terminal fonts. Like all monospaced fonts, every letter align vertically in a multi-line setting. The rhythm created is peculiar, since large letters such as m and w occupy the same space as narrow ones like i. Because we have 4 different weightslight, regular, bold and black the design of some characters have to be adapted to fit the same width and achieve a constant light/dark value throughout. These features make Odisseia suitable for a specific yet considerable range of uses, from computer coding to systemized communication such as brand identities. This style has been used from high-end brand identity to cutting edge digital applications. Odisseia sets a little shorter in comparison with other monospaced fonts, and bears a large x-height.

Odisseia Font Family

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